How I feel about ‘superfoods’

I used to believe in superfoods. I used to believe that cooking my food in coconut oil was somehow an elixir for good health. I used to be a marketers dream, spending silly money on products that promised everything from longevity of life and improved immune function to better skin and a better mood.

Thankfully, I’ve realised that NO one food makes a perfect diet. Health isn’t found in your overpriced goji berries or your spirulina powder. Health is subjective in itself, but in my opinion is a combination of healthy body and health mind, achieved through, yes diet to some degree but also movement, low stress levels, good quality sleep, socialisation and more. The equation isn’t simple, and therefore whilst, perhaps, these ‘superfoods’ may play a teeny tiny role in contributing to a healthy diet, your best bet is to save your pennies.